Bravery, Building Block of Courage

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Meet Bravery. The first building block of Courage.

Bravery’s shoulder armor accessory is our most literal interpretation of both her power and of our Joan of Arc muse. She is a soldier heading into battle. And battle can mean a lot of different things.

Female Superhero ToysIt can be….

The first day at a new school.
A soccer game (or any sports event).
Learning a new skill (like riding a bike).
Starting a new job.
Fighting an illness.
Standing up for yourself.
Standing up for someone else.
Going to war – both literally and figuratively.

But, no matter what, Bravery will always be there to help Superheroes power through.

Bonus Fact Number One: Bravery’s pink braid was very intentionally chosen. We wanted to re-cast the color pink as something powerful and strong.

Bonus Fact Number Two: The pink braid also honors the memory of my mother, who died of breast cancer when I was a young girl.

Bonus Fact Number Three: We made a limited-edition pink-armored Bravery figure, and a set of Bravery cards designed by female animators/comic book artists to raise money for Breast Cancer Research back in 2015.

I Am Bravery

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