Courage: Inspiration From Joan of Arc

By May 25, 2017 Rebel Elements No Comments

We thought that it was a good time to spotlight our TOTY-nominated Action Figures of the Year: Series1/Courage.

So, let’s start at the very beginning with the our Courage muse: Joan of Arc.

Our muses are very important in the IAmElemental universe. First, they help to promote the IAmElemental tagline: Real heroes walk among us. It is very important that children who encounter IAmElemental action figures come away with an understanding that people don’t have to have magical powers to be their best selves and do great things. Joan of Arc was just a regular girl before she acted heroically and became eternally embedded on history’s timeline.

Second, our muses help to inform our design.

While our Series1/Courage figures are not literally armored knights from the Middle Ages, we used Joan of Arc as our jumping off point. Our figures wear modern armor. Bravery and Courage have shoulder armor, Enthusiasm and Courage have chest plates, and all of the figures have shields. They don’t look like Joan of Arc, but their forward-thinking design emerged from her story.

Third, we use each muse’s own words as the inspirational motto for her series.

In this case, Joan of Arc’s most famous quote serves as the perfect Courage maxim: “I am not afraid, I was born to do this.”Courage of Joan of Arc

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