If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.

Send us your epic stories of Elemental Powers. Send us a picture of your figures posed in cool and courageous scenes. Tell us why you picked the power you did. Tell us about a time you had to find Persistence, or call upon Bravery.

We will post what we receive here for others to be inspired and energized!

You can send us a picture of yourself with an I AM sign. A picture that reminds you of an Element. Maybe a short story? You decide. We want it all!

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It’s Character.  Not Characters.™

Elements of Power.™ 

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Shared, Everyone’s Powers Grow Stronger.

SHARE YOUR POWER with us and we will share it here!

 Bravery | Energy | Honesty | Industry | Enthusiasm | Persistence

What’s Your Power?

"I just backed your project for five bucks. I know there's no reward for that, but that's fine - I'm 43, and all my toys are packed up in the back of my office. Mostly, as a parent of a teenage girl who has been battling society's twisted expectations of female beauty and sexuality since she was a toddler, I want to thank you for what you're doing, and put my money where my mouth is."

− Matt Drake

"Thank you so much for creating such an exciting new toy! I'm a toy maker and comic book creator, and within my community of fellow toy makers there has been a great deal of discussion about IAmElemental….It has stimulated more thoughtful and socially conscious debate than I think I have ever seen about a line of action figures, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I applaud your efforts and hope IAmElemental helps children of all ages and gender identifications learn (or remember!) the value of imagination and creation in Play, and how much FUN and empowering action figures can be! Thank you!!!"

− Brandon M. Barker

"Congratulations Dawn and Julie! I am so proud and happy to say.....I just found out about your creations 
and have been able to support your efforts! As a mother and teacher of
young girls I know this is a very important creation/invention. I am
already sharing it on FB! BRAVA! I have wanted to see this type of toy for girls become a reality for a long
time. I had an idea for it 5 years ago....yet you went for it! I believe
you will go far with this! I have a daughter, who is now 18, who would have loved your action
figures...so brilliant and ethical! I can't wait to open my IAmElemental
women! Love it your work! Hope you make history!"

− Janet Littlejohn

"This will be my first action figure set- and it looks like its going to be the only type I'll ever need. Looking forward to it!"

− Margrith