Explore the Kickstarter Collection at the New Museum

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Explore the Kickstarter Collection at the New Museum Store

Nick Yulman 

New Museum front windowToday, we’re pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with the New Museum in New York City, showcasing an array of inventive projects that got started on Kickstarter in their store. As a leading institution dedicated to boundary-pushing art and ideas, the New Museum is the perfect place to share this collection, which features adventurous takes on everyday objects, creative explorations of technology, and designs that are simultaneously playful and profound.

Here’s what you’ll find in the collection:


KickStarter blogpost 2017


IAmElemental Frustrated by the lack of positive, empowering superhero action figures for young girls, Julie Kerwin set out to create her own. IAmElemental’s vibrantly hued heroines represent real-life superpowers like bravery, persistence, and creativity that kids can discover in themselves — no radioactive spider bites necessary.


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Learning to take in order to give back

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An article by our own Julie Kerwin for those of us who need to take more in order to give more

Right about now, you are probably thinking that I must be some sort of meek woman who doesn’t know how to use her voice. This could not be further from the truth. I have no problem using my voice. However, it is often said that people can be divided into two groups: givers and takers. I have always chosen the lane that says “givers”; and I do think it’s a choice. As a young adult, I chose to make a habit of giving early and often enough that it formed permanent neuro-pathways in my brain. As a result, I find it very hard to shift into “takers” mode.

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IAm Elemental Named Finalist for Toy of the Year

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Our female action figures have been named among the finalists for Toy of the Year!

“Our fans love IAmElemental because we bring something extraordinary to the toy aisle: action figures with healthy body types, forward-thinking design, and superpowers based on character traits like Bravery, Honesty and Curiosity.  As a startup company, we are so honored by this industry recognition for our Series 1/Courage female action figures, and we are thrilled that Series 2/Wisdom has joined them on toy store shelves in time for the holidays,” said Chief Elemental Officer Julie Kerwin.

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