Bravery, Building Block of Courage

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Meet Bravery. The first building block of Courage.

Bravery’s shoulder armor accessory is our most literal interpretation of both her power and of our Joan of Arc muse. She is a soldier heading into battle. And battle can mean a lot of different things.

Female Superhero ToysIt can be….

The first day at a new school.
A soccer game (or any sports event).
Learning a new skill (like riding a bike).
Starting a new job.
Fighting an illness.
Standing up for yourself.
Standing up for someone else.
Going to war – both literally and figuratively.

But, no matter what, Bravery will always be there to help Superheroes power through. Read More

Courage: Inspiration From Joan of Arc

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We thought that it was a good time to spotlight our TOTY-nominated Action Figures of the Year: Series1/Courage.

So, let’s start at the very beginning with the our Courage muse: Joan of Arc.

Our muses are very important in the IAmElemental universe. First, they help to promote the IAmElemental tagline: Real heroes walk among us. It is very important that children who encounter IAmElemental action figures come away with an understanding that people don’t have to have magical powers to be their best selves and do great things. Joan of Arc was just a regular girl before she acted heroically and became eternally embedded on history’s timeline. Read More

Explore the Kickstarter Collection at the New Museum

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Explore the Kickstarter Collection at the New Museum Store

Nick Yulman 

New Museum front windowToday, we’re pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with the New Museum in New York City, showcasing an array of inventive projects that got started on Kickstarter in their store. As a leading institution dedicated to boundary-pushing art and ideas, the New Museum is the perfect place to share this collection, which features adventurous takes on everyday objects, creative explorations of technology, and designs that are simultaneously playful and profound. Read More

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