The IAmElemental Journey

FULLY FUNDED in Two Days. 465% Funded in the end. All 50 States and 6 continents. 2,520 Incredible Backers. $162,906 Raised. Immeasurable gratitude.

IAmElemental started with two friends – and moms – who were frustrated by what they saw and, more importantly, didn’t see in the toy market. Lots of dreaming, planning, brainstorming and one big courageous leap later, IAmElemental was born.

The IAmElemental Team mission is to create toys for play experiences that allow girls (and boys) to envision themselves as strong, powerful and connected beings at the center of a story of their own making.

We believe that when we tap into the power that exists inside us all, the extraordinary is always possible.  As a result, IAmElemental Action Figures were designed to accomplish three goals.  First, they are intended to be a positive and fierce re-interpretation of the traditional female action figure.   Second, IAmElemental action figures encourage girls (and boys) to reinvent the Superhero myth by creating their own empowering stories.  Third, the IAmElemental Team created a toy that is super fun to play with and collect. We knew from the outset that if the figures weren’t well designed, nothing else would matter.

After a highly successful launch on Kickstarter in May of 2014, the IAmElemental Team shipped Superpowers to customers in all fifty states and six continents by year’s end.

The response has been incredible. We have received photos, stories, and sketches from girls (and boys) all around the world who are incorporating the action figures into their play routine. They are fighting bad guys, wrestling dinosaurs, dressing as their favorite powers, and plotting their Halloween costumes; fully embracing their new roles as Superheroes. The collector community has been equally supportive. They appreciate the sculpt, the articulation, the paint out, and the obvious care put into the figures.

Happily, we’ve acquired some new fan clubs along the way as well. Teachers are weaving the IAmElemental notions of Character development into their teaching plans. Therapists are incorporating the figures into their play therapy sessions with young children. And grandparents, inspired by the message built into the play experience, are buying them as gifts for their grandchildren.

It’s time to play with Power!™