Meet Energy. The second building block of Courage.

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Energy’s flames are just plain cool, but they also hint at Joan of Arc’s fiery end.

Energy can sometimes be misinterpreted as dangerous, or hard to manage. But, Energy is, arguably, one of the elixirs of life. It is the kind of power that helps to get things done.

When someone channels her own Energy, it propels her forward. But, Energy can also be shared; put out into the universe to motivate others to act.

Courage requires Energy to creat

Female Superhero Action Figures

e movement.

Bonus Fact Number One: Energy was the very first figure we designed. She was the jumping off point for the entire series.

Bonus Fact Number Two: Energy was also our very first prototype. When we showed her around at Toy Fair in February of 2014, just before our May 2014 Kickstarter launch, we noticed something surprising. While IAmElemental action figures were created to fill a hole that we saw in the market — namely, a lack of female action figures actually designed specifically for young girls — we had an unexpectedly strong positive response from the men in the collector community who saw her that day. It hinted at something remarkable. IAmElemental action figures may have been designed for girls, but we are thrilled beyond belief that they appeal to everyone: girls, boys, men, women. Once people see the figures, everyone finds something to love about them. Because everyone has Superpowers. Everyone has the capacity to do great things. And everyone loves forward-thinking design and engineering.

Female Superhero Action Figures

Bonus Fact Number Three: At Comic Con in New York this past year, we invited people to pick a power, and pose with the chosen shield in front of the animatronic Exploration wings fabricated for us by theHenson Creature Shop. On the last day of the event, someone walkedaway with the Energy sign. If you have it, we’d love to have it back. No questions asked!


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