• Series 1/Courage Figures will ship Fall 2014
  • Price: $112.00 Quantity:
    Individually packaged as MYSTERY PACKS, available in 24 unit display box (dimensions: 10.91x8.07x7.17in). Bags come hang ready. Suggested retail $8.99. MOQ 2 boxes (24 units per box). WHAT'S INSIDE A MYSTERY PACK? 1 randomly selected Series1 action figure representing one of the 7 Elements of Courage, 1 Element-Specific Accessory (figure accessories are interchangeable), 1 Element-Specific Shield that can be collected and worn on a bracelet (available separately), 1 Nylon Drawstring Carry Bag, 2 Trading Cards, Fold-Out Elemental Map. SERIES 1/COURAGE Seven Unique and collectible 4 inch, articulated, mini-action figures with interchangeable accessories and Elemental Shields.
  • Price: $270.00 Quantity:
    Complete set of Series1/Courage figures packaged in a Special Lunchbox-style Carrying Case. Suggested retail per unit: $65.00, MOQ 6 cases (1 carton). LUNCHBOX CARRY CASE INCLUDES: All 7 Series 1/Courage action figures, plus associated Elemental Shields & interchangeable accessories, 1 Interactive IAmElemental Workbook, 1 Drawstring Carry Bag, 1 Elemental Shield Charm Bracelet (wear 1 or wear all shields on adjustable bracelet).
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